Are you a legitimate school and CE provider? Yes we are!!! You are the 42,995 person visiting to take this this course. We have been open since 2012. We are a smaller school which is why you might have not heard of us but we are no different than bigger companies like Elite and others. I’ve assembled some resources for you as follows:

I can dig up more like light bills, telephone bills, cable bills and advertising to prove our business is legitimate. However, I hope the above references would be enough proof of us working hard to earn your business, we’re not here to scam anybody. I hope for your business.

DBPR waived renewal fee this year? No, if your license is active and is expiring; DBPR gave you a discount this year.

How do I print my license? You have to create a DBPR account at myfloridalicense.com. Log into your account and there is an option for you to print your license. When completed correctly, DBPR will send your license to the email you used. You can always call DBPR for help with this. If it is too confusing just give us a call we can help you.

Do I have to print the license in color? No, it can black and white. There are three license sizes you may choose to best fit your salon spaces.

Why is my license status unchanged after taking the course? This is my first time Renewing so is this course all I have to do to renew my license?

If your license is active but is expiring, renew your license by completing the following: Complete your 10 Hr continue education requirement. (which is what this website is all about.) Pay DBPR their Renewal fee. ( This goes to the state to maintain your license). Most licenses expire in October 31 of each year. The renewal cycle will open around July of each year. Your license status will not change unless both of these are completed.

What if my license is expired?

If your license is delinquent/inactive; you either did not pay the state renewal fee or did not do your 10 hr CE. Find out what is and complete it.

If your license is null/void; you did not renew your license for many years. The state automatically put it in this status because they figured you’re not needing it anymore. Many people moved out of state, retired or deceased and so this happened. To get licensed again, you would need to complete the Cosmo 7 Application and 4-Hr HIV/AIDS Course, along with all the application fees involved.

I Finished my test and paid but why is my CE credit not on my DBPR account?

It is very RARE that I would have missed reporting your record but I am human so it could happen. I could have missed a digit or you could have entered a wrong license number. Please know that your CE should be in your DBPR account no later than Five (5) working days MAX. I try my best to report them in the same day you had taken and paid for your test. DBPR will take another 24-48hrs to update it to your account. Before you call me there is a chance you are in the wrong screen: Here is how to check 1) go to your DBPR account under continue education. 2) Make sure you select the correct timeline in which you took your CE and hit search. If you see the name of our school “Cloud Nine Beauty School” and the record date next to it; this confirmed that your CE is in. If not then give me a call at 352-356-8610 and I can resend the record.

Where is my test record?

Your test records are kept in our school database. At anytime you want a record of your test, just contact us.